The wonderful world of landing page optimisation. Cutting off a few registration fields, killing a few outbound links and watching your conversion rate jump from 2% to 15% overnight? I mean, that's mission accomplished right there.

But shouldn't we take a minute to stop thinking of those landing page registrations as conversions, and start remembering they're meant to be leads?

Offered the choice between 20 conversions from users who have been bundled down a landing page they have only passing interest in; and 5 solid leads from users who have explored your offers and matched your content to their demand - which are we likely to progress further? 

(Then again which are we, as marketers, likely to get more credit from?)

It's a tough call to make, but maybe it's time we focus less on herding our potential customers down a road which shoves a whitepaper in their hands and dumps them in our database as quickly as possible; and more on giving them the freedom they need to genuinely engage with and invest in our offer.