I'm not going to shout about multiple DM's being involved in B2B purchases. CEB, TechTarget, IDG (the list is endless) talk about anywhere from 4 + individuals being involved in any project at an enterprise.

So if we know this, then why do 24% of marketers have no model and 55% of orgs use a single touch attribution model? (see box below)

Answer? Because defining one is hard. 

To put it into perspective, if someone downloads a whitepaper, their colleague takes a free trial and their CFO attends an event. Then the IT Manager buys.... Which activity made the sale?

With so many external channels and touch points, getting a well thought out (it'll never be perfect) attribution strategy is more important than ever. However whilst it may be a must have. With this many attribution points - it just became MUCH harder.

My tip would be to avoid a utopia. Just look at something that works well for your business and it's value proposition. 

The Bizible report mentioned below is not a bad place to start, but just be aware - one size does not fit all.