Picked this article up off Marketing Donut. It's interesting as it seems to suggest tenacity and persistence are 2 main keys to sales success. 

This is not a surprise.

What can we as marketers learn about this though? The answer lies in the "not giving up" strategy. To do this I think we need to look at the following:

1) Define a strategy that works with sales and enables them to keep in touch with prospects, even if prospects don't engage (it could be a simple personal email)

2) Stop assuming that if a recipient hasn't clicked on an email, responded to an ad, or not been available for a call - then they are not interested (believe me, I've met many a marketer and sales person that give up because they can't get a response)

3) Keep remembering the most front of mind organisations could also be the most persistent.

4) Finally, make sure each touch point is sufficiently different to make it interesting for the customer.

Sounds too obvious? That's because my Dad always told me the best ideas are the simple ones and I think that's great advice for anyone.