I don't think Content Marketing can get much bigger.  Every campaign we work on relies on content. Every marketer we speak to wants to talk about content.  More of marketing plans build include additional content creation.  

Our clients are also taking much more notice of the types of content they have in their kit bag (video, infographics, guidelines, whitepapers, ROI calculators, etc.) and also spending more time understanding the relevant content themes. 

So while it's great there is an understanding of the importance of content, we must continue to ensure we create it in the formats the target audience wants to consume.  And then develope plans to place this content where the audience go to research and learn.

So when are you considering your content marketing make sure you cover the following:

1) What type of content does my target audience consume?

2) What content themes are they (not just you) interested in?

3) Where do they go to consume content related to their job?

4) What action do you want them to do next?

Don't just jump on the bandwagon, instead align yourself with your target audience and set a clear goals for your content markets to deliver the maximum impact for your business.