Whatever next eh? What a daft idea. 

Who would actually PAY for marketing material. Lets face it, it's like asking who would pay to receive a sales call.....

It's not as daft as it sounds though. Think about it. In this content overloaded world surely the best way to maintain any form of stand out (or even stand a chance) is to produce content and messaging of real value. 

Oh and on that note a telephone call done well adds a huge amount of value for both sides, but that's a different story...

Ok so I know the above is simply stating the obvious and indeed it is, however we still see millions and millions of messages thrown out there - just to hit a content target or lead guarantee. That means you're thinking about it from your side first rather from the people you want to talk to.

So before you pick up the phone, press send, or simply upload a message - the simple thing to ask yourself is "is this what my customer needs". If it is do it. If it isn't rethink it.

Or to put it another way, simply "Think like your audience" and give them what they want not just a piece of content that means you can hit an internal KPI.