This report (available on the DMA site at - or by clicking below) seems to show that automation in B2B has gone from nice to have, to must have. This is a great thing.

What is particularly pleasing is that rather than using automation platforms as an easy way to send email, it looks like companies are actually using them with some intelligence - with 80% of organisations saying they send promotions out by either behavioural targeting or market segmentation. Hurrah.

It seems to be working as those co's that do embrace the tech see 53% higher conversions and revenue growth rate 3.1% higher than those that don't use automation - source Aberdeen Group.

So in a nutshell, automation seems to have got to that tipping point. It's being used intelligently and does drive results.

The key is building a nurture programme that continues to deliver. With decision makers accessing content from a multitude of channels the future is both exciting and terrifying in equal measure. 

One things for sure automation is here to stay and is a key part of any organisations marketing tech investment.