It's an ongoing marketing conundrum - who am I really targeting? An ever-increasing number of business purchases are technology related, technology-led or underpinned by tech. This has inevitably led to a much wider group of decision makers, across lines of business functions as diverse as HR and Operations.  These heads of LOB have increasing autonomy to buy in tech for their own requirements, and in many cases don't have to go through a procurement process if under a spend threshold. And yet...and yet, while it's clear there has been a shift in buying behaviour, businesses haven't suddenly decided the IT dept aren't relevant beyond running the helpdesk.  No - it's more a case of the IT function being the go-to checking mechanism. In other words, the business buying certain solutions  through, rather than because of, IT. So while marketers should consider ensuring LOB is part of their targeting, IT is, and will remain, the hub of an increasing complex wheel.