Todays marketer is able to track pretty much everything from clicks in emails, through to impressions served to what company and the site engagements by user and their IP.

These metrics are readily being taken down, marked and used within an all manner of reports - but what about those activites, those channels where shares and content consumption fall outside of what can be measured through traditional analytics programs? (texts, whatsapp messages etc..)

Should I worry about those being a B2B marketer? Are people sharing my content through those messages? Are we able to identify users or our target audience through those channels?

At Kingpin, based on our experience, we'd suggest the answer to be "YES" to each of those. We've recently undertaken a number of campaigns that utilise the area of "Dark Social" to target specific users, with some very pleasing results. Below is great read to whet the whistle around the whole area of Dark Social, what it is and how it can help....