I was interested to read this article about the email marketing enigma.  We all use email as a communication tool (we can avoid speaking to people, we can share lots of information and we have an electronic record of our exchanges).   For us marketeers the benefits include the speed, scale and measurement of the medium (plus its low cost coupled with the fact we can manage it internally).  

However the latest stats show the following challenges:

1. Deliverability - it is harder than ever to get your message delivered.  

2. Relevance - audiences feel messages are not relevant in the majority of causes

3. Mobile - the majority of messages are being opened / viewed on mobile devices, but the majority of conversions are via desktop.

So what should we be doing about this?

1. Follow best practice to increase delivery rates.  pay close attention to the words you use, your domain and the use of images.

2. Produce all email content with your audience in mind,  not what your sales pitch is.

3. Move towards a mobile first mindset, ensure the mobile experience is fully optimised.

While we continue to improve how we use email in marketing, maybe we should check how we are measuring ROI.  Is your attribution to this medium correct? Maybe email was the last touch or the only communication that enables direct measurement?  Call me a sceptic, but I am not convinced email ROI is as high as some survey's show.