Technology is moving faster than ever and businesses are looking to exploit every angle possible in their latest B2B marketing campaigns. The race to stay ahead of the competition is fierce, so what techniques are we seeing becoming part of B2B marketing campaigns? 

As an agency we are seeing many campaigns now aligning interesting techniques to address marketing KPI's. The use of programmatic advertising and ABM being two key channels for clients tapping into data-driven marketing solutions to enhance their marketing efforts. As a B2B marketer it’s all about measurable output, whether that is a guaranteed number of impressions from a brand awareness perspective or guaranteed leads from a sales perspective, these data-driven techniques are allowing campaigns to be more effective and targeted, which in turn is resulting in greater output and measurable success. 

This Forbes article looks into five interesting areas of B2B marketing that are current hot topics. These can be aligned across brand awareness campaigns, generating more targeted leads and hone in on target account lists.