Firstly I learnt that B2B video is something most companies are thinking about,  and in fact a lot of brands have dipped their toe in the water with it.... However there are wide variations in the how, what, where and why.

How: Some companies have tried to do this in-house, some have used traditional video companies, whereas some are leveraging new and exciting cloud based video platforms. 

What: We are all still learning the right level of humour, story & emotion for our brands and audiences. We then need to couple that with the right length of video for the the choose distribution format, and desired outcomes.

Where: The channels of distribution are growing almost daily, as all media outlets launch a video offering whether paid or earned. So marketers need to test to find those that work best for their goals and their audiences.

Why: Because they think they should, the research says so and the competition has done so.  But for me the better reasons are their audiences want video and its the perfect platform to deliver your message while invoking some emotion (#humanize). Try doing that with a B2B banner ad! There is also another reason, the challenge of Viewability of ads.   Below is a snippet from the latest announcement from Brightcove & Moat. regarding video Ads.

So, it great that the growth of B2B  video is no longer just a research stat.  Now is time to embrace the benefits and test this medium. I encourage all B2B brands to use the new technology we have to deliver engaging messages to their audiences.

Please contact me if you would like some of the stats on video consumption in B2B or recommendations of great video tech.