So recently I've been piecing together ideas for a client and have been looking at the granular detail you can target with mobile devices. Now, targeting via ones internet history is certainly achievable. Homing in on someone explicitly based on what sites they've previously visited to patch together an identity of that person, but for intrigue and my own sheer interest, i wanted to see if I could go deeper.

I've heard of stories where people believe they are being served ad's across their Facebook pages / mobile devices based on some conversations that they've had, as opposed to searches they've made or anything they've re-tweeted, so I wanted to see if this is actually possible. Can we, as advertisers, access the microphone of your smart device and target based on conversations between you and others?

Spoiler alert.......the answer is technically YES.

This BBC  article show's the journey Zoe Kleinman, Technology Reporter for the BBC, took to develop a tool that could do exactly this.However, I must caveat that on my searches for providers who explicitly say this is "do-able" has returned an answer that is in contrast to this......but does that mean it isn't happening? :)