Nearly every client I have spoken to since joining Kingpin has expressed frustration with the disconnect between the marketing & sales departments.

It seems organisations of all sizes have difficulty with this, there’s a notion of having both marketing and sales teams objectives aligned better to achieve better results. The concept is all well and good but it is usually conceived on the leadership side and comes from way up and often does not translate as well down in the front lines where all the major gaps appear with both sides.

Marketing are unhappy with sales and sales are unhappy with marketing – it’s a vicious and seemingly never ending circle.

Coming from a Sales background I completely can relate to how the salespeople must be feeling, it’s very easy to blame Marketing for your lack of sales but when you’re used to the quality of leads that come in are 9/10 irrelevant or out of date it’s hard to get the motivation to follow them all up which then results in you missing out on one or more important contacts that potentiality could have turned into revenue generation!

Now also hearing and seeing it first hand from the marketer’s side I also can see how frustrating it must be to see that all these leads they have put time into being generated, haven’t been followed up and have been left to collect dust.

It seems that a lot of companies brush these issues under the carpet and do not try and combine the two departments and collaborate to really find out what kind of leads they want, what accounts they should be targeting etc. the opportunities are never-ending!

A lot of Sales & Marketing professionals would say it’s not the best use of their time having more meeting, but at the end of the day a collaboration can lead to a more aligned approach. And this can lead to making more money and faster, resulting in success and praise for both departments! (Hopefully)

Sales and marketing ultimately share the same goals: to increase revenue and profit for the company.

Even though Sales & Marketing are normally very contrasting people who value different things, work in different ways and are incentivised by different things, there are many ways you can work towards great alignment:

  • Get the teams talking or at least the leaders of the two teams
  • Agree on processes, goals and metrics
  • Agree on what the “ideal” prospect looks like
  • Agree on what makes a sales qualified opportunity
  • Agree on funnel dynamics
  • Agree on what you’re going to measure
  • Agree on a process for keeping the teams aligned moving forward

This will not be a quick change, but now is the time to come together and all pull in the same direction.

I guess I should mention that ABM (the hottest topic in Marketing) can help team align their goals and efforts.