At a recently event hosted by IDG (Driving Demand Generation Success) - Finding the Right Mix for ABM), our illustrious leader James Foulkes was on the panel with 2 leading Tech CMO’s  and one of the key themes was how Marketing Technology (MarTech) has grown rapidly. (Stats to follow) Yet the challenge for Marketing teams is the number of skill MarTech Pros has not kept up with this growth.

Skills shortages have been a challenge for many of our Technology clients for years, with competition to secure the best talent that has led to increased wages, far great benefit packages and great working environments. That is all great and CMO’s are now looking to offer the same….But maybe we should also focus on investing time and effort on the talent of the future. 

Kingpin has just launch their first apprentice scheme and it was great to meet so many young, bright and willing prospect eager to join our industry.  Are you investing in bright young talent who are from the digital generation that can build up skill in Marketing Automation, Data analytics, Web optimisation and more.

The Stats:

Marketo is growth 35%-54% year on year

Hubspot is growth @ 57% 2015

Demandbase is grown 80% 2014

Therefore we need the people with the relevant skills to build and manage our marketing programs.

Automation as we most technology has not lead the world to needed less labour, instead it creates new opportunities, so let’s embrace the challenge and the focus  on nurturing the next generation of “Marketing Rockstars”