Senior Account Manager, Company size: 50+, Industry: Marketing, Region: UK

So that's me.

Well, that's me according to a lot of marketers out there anyway. In marketing we do this to our prospects so often, sometimes you forget how broad these brush strokes can be. 

Slowly but surely though, B2B Marketers are beginning to remember their audience is an audience; not a criteria. Something that (God help me for saying it) our B2C counterparts have had nailed for some time.

Yes, that CIO we're trying to reach is the budget holder, but they're also busy, stressed and a long way from their next holiday. Maybe they'd prefer a networking dinner to a 35 page whitepaper? 

That IT Director might not be signing on the dotted line, but they're looking to impress their boss ahead of their next review. Maybe they'd be happy to recommend a riskier choice outside of the "big brand" vendors to make a name for themselves?

Putting ourselves in a prospect's shoes can help to improve everything from our marketing collateral, to our sales follow-up. 

We don't start a prospecting email with "Dear IT Director in Enterprise Company". With the variety of content that marketers can create, and the sophistication of targeting we have at our disposal; perhaps we shouldn't start our marketing strategy the same way.