Following on from Mirza's piece last week relating to the US Presidential Election, I wondered how effective the winning campaign had been now that the result is in. For the purposes of this piece let's park the rhetoric, the shock / awe (delete as appropriate) and the sheer magnitude of the event/s as they unfolded. I looked into what each of the parties spent during the campaign itself, and apart from the monumental numbers themselves, it's clear that the Trump camp were far more thrifty, spending a whopping 40% less than Clinton. And won. But Trump had a secret weapon; he understands the fundamentals of marketing, both of himself and brand Trump. From a marketing perspective, he only focused on his  audience - the people who he knew would be far more likely to hang on his every word. At no point during the campaign did he bother wasting time or effort addressing the liberals. As a result he steadily built momentum among his faithful, was consistent in his message and offered an alternative to the more established 'incumbent'.

 And therein lies an interesting lesson, one which we at Kingpin try to instill with all our clients: truly understanding your audience, and who within that audience your messages would be most likely to resonate with, are powerful and effective go-to-market positions.