As the business world moves inexorably towards a digitally-led Utopia (?), one thing is becoming increasingly clear - do organisations have a fully skilled workforce, able to cope with the demands of the digital economy? Moreover, is there an opportunity for technology vendors to take more of a lead in helping to coach and nurture the workforce? Of course there's no such thing as a free lunch, as vendors would naturally benefit from positioning themselves as aiding businesses over and above the products or solutions they sell. 

Many of the biggest names in Tech have been running educational programs for many moons, but these tend to be aimed at collegiate / university level. 

So if you are a tech marketer, it's worth considering the benefits of how your solutions can extend into helping your customers develop their digital skillset. After all, the best USP any vendor can deliver is additional, long term value, and by extension the best ROI - a fully skilled workforce.

Next month's Mobile World Congress feels it's important enough and covers the topic in their conference.