'The chances of getting a page one listing on Google increases 53 times with video'. - Forrester

Now I know how effective video can be (Thank you Forrester), but I didn’t know how involved it could be until I helped with the filming of a video for one of my clients recently. 

So late December I had to wake up incredibly early and be “on set” due to the few daylight hours available in the cold month! - Which was an incredible struggle after the hectic Christmas period!

When I arrived all the crew had set up in various locations around the office. It was the first ever video shoot I had witnessed and it was amazing to see the different equipment being used and how much thought had been put into each shot. There is a reason you employ experts.

Video is a great way of accomplishing the following two main goals of any B2B business – 1. generate leads and then 2. conversions

There are many ways you can generate leads via video (especially educational videos), gated content can be used especially well either prior or during the video..  Videos are broken up into sections, the nose, body and tail. Normally the best way to attract leads who are interested in your business/product is to gate the video content right after the nose. This way you only capture leads who are engaged enough to want to learn more. 

For the conversion stage, you need to use videos that are based on the product/solution, from my previous experiences and research its best to stay away from stock photos - use real people in real work environments. People find these boring and do not get an emotional connection with them which plays a key part in successful video content.

The video company we worked with was Element26, who have a brilliant approach to supporting sales funnel with video.