"What I can give is not necessarily what you will get; but along our disagreements we will find some alternate ways.” ― Santosh Kalwar

Many of us have read stories of how the most successful entrepreneurs built their fortunes around not compromising on their vision etc. However, they also have another thing in common, in that they are (in the main) great collaborators, in the truest sense of the word. They embrace the concept of conflict and on occasion stalemate, in order to achieve their goals.

Which leads us to the marketing/sales dynamic; more often than not there is existing conflict between the two, but it's an unspoken undercurrent rather than a shared, overt and frankly more healthy open discussion. It's an observation of ours that the more successful of our clients have a more fearless attitude towards internal disagreement, using it as a springboard to reach overall business goals.

This HBR article looks at the 'keeping things harmonious' vs 'speaking one's mind' dynamic in more detail.