Maybe I should be concerned about a machine planning and buying media as it's an important part of the service mix Kingpin offer.  However I'm actually excited, and here's why...

1) Media planning is a process based primarily on knowledge and the use of that knowledge. Our planners spend years learning about platforms, audiences, formats, and much more. To take in this huge amount of information and then process it uses a lot of man hours.

2) As human's we make emotional decisions. Did we "hear" something good or bad about an ad format, a time of day, a publications' previous performance. Machines will focus on the facts only.

3) The true skill of planning and marketing is more than understanding the data. It's understanding your audience, the client, their boss and their sales team.  Its knowing the secondary benefits of using certain tactics that are not immediately measurable (it can take years to build a relationship with an audience). It's knowing how multiple parts of the mix compliment each other. Plus we may "hear" some information that can lead us to make great decisions.

All the benefits from technology, automation, big data should be embraced and then mixed with the experience, knowledge and understanding that marketing professionals have in order to build the best campaigns for clients.

I can't wait for the technology to help me learn faster and sift through the data quicker so that we may create more great campaigns first clients.