It's clear spend in the Programmatic space is growing in the B2B sector and it's easy to see why. Hyper targeting with scale and at a relatively low cost is music to almost anyone's ears right?

But is it the answer to all of our prayers? The short answer is no - but that's the case for all tactics. I'd go so far to say there is no silver bullet, not whilst collective groups of people are still buying and influencing purchases. This is simply because they'll all have different needs and wants when it comes to responding to promotional messages and programmatic is one part of the Omni Channel mix.

So how should you approach it?

With programmatic the big elephant in the room is data quality. For that hyper targeting to work - you have to be sure of the layers and layers of data you use are correct. Geo location is easy, correct job function less so. More to the point with each piece of data you add the accuracy is likely to suffer.

It may be prudent therefore to hold back on too much targeting when launching and optimising over time, This way you start targeting on behaviours and actions rather than static data sets.

One thing for sure though, programmatic is here to stay and should be on the radar of every B2B Marketer.