Generating leads via content syndication is a key element of the marketing plan.  This is often due to the "safety" of a guaranteed response for your investment. These contacts will also help you build your opt-in database and will typically offer a far better response than cold prospecting.

However as most teams who follow-up these TOTF (Top of the Funnel) responses will testify, these are not sales leads.  Many don't recall the piece of content or were only looking out of interest... so they say "put them into nurture"

Research shows again and again that the consumption of content is an important part of the buying cycle, and therefore we can find real prospects using Content Syndication.  So if that is the case why is 92% of content being produced focused on TOTF?

At Kingpin we advise mapping your content to your prospects buying journey to ensure you can both attract prospects and support them throughout the journey.

I am sure content syndication suppliers prefer using TOTF content, but surely there should be some mid funnel content in the mix too that could generate leads your sales team want to talk to.

PS: The article also refers to ideal follow-up times, I am yet to find any research findings that agree on the best time.  Plus in the real world of multiple systems, processes and lack of resources, the follow-up of all responses within 2 days is unlikely.  We advise, follow-up as soon as possible, with a tailored approach to understand how else your can aid the prospects research, rather than selling to them.