Snapchat offers advertisers different ways to promote on the app such as placing your ads to show in between stories that the user is viewing. Then there are the featured stories where you have your own space to upload more than one creative for the audience to view including an option to subscribe. Snapchat also offers 'geo filters' this is super useful when location is important to your business. 

These types of activities could work really well for large high street retail stores, lifestyle or gaming companies etc,  due to the age range of the users on Snapchat - Out of 57 Million users in the US, 85% of those monthly users are between the ages of 13 and 34. 

For the B2B industry, Snapchat seems to be an unlikely contender to advertise on as many B2B brands do not realise the potential reach - 60% of all smartphone users are now on the app and the ads that are placed on Snapchat are viewed up to a million times a day. Imagine what that could do for your B2B brand?  There are some good examples, such as companies like IBM, are using Snapchat to show 'behind the scenes' look at the inside of the company's facilities.

Maybe its about time for B2B companies to be more active on Snapchat with such a large and active audience. And I am sure the targeting capabilities will continue to increase along with the size of the userbase.