I was interested to read the update from the Passle team about their recent trip to RSA.  "Whilst there, Tom and David informally surveyed 28 business leaders on their content marketing activities - particularly, how they rated them in terms of ROI and Ease of Execution"

I know many Kingpin clients were in attendance and how important this is in the events calendar for Security Vendors.  I also know how important digital executions are for achieving business goals. But it is not often that someone gathers insight on the comparison of ROI vs Ease.  We look at the investment (£, $, €) vs return but not stress or opportunity cost to deliver.  

"Speaking at a conference is valued as providing the most perceived ROI despite being, in many ways, the least quantifiable activity"  

I believe this goes to show that not every £, $, €, of the budget allocation is directly measurable, and often the investment decision is based on more than a dashboard in a CRM.

But maybe its time we looked at our marketing mix and not only measure investment vs return but also effort / internal resource / stress / opportunity cost vs return.... I am am advocate of H2H interaction, but how much digital research and response could you have got instead, without sending staff to a different continent?