Re-Marketing works really effectively when done correctly but what about when it isn't done right? 

There are plenty of factors to avoid when planning a Re-Targeting campaign, some include serving too many impressions to the same person, re-targeting a current customer or failing to segment. This usually results in people seeing your ads being angry, annoyed or straight up crept out.  InSkin Media's customer survey found that the more an online ad is viewed the more annoyed and angry about it they get. 

Being put off by over displayed ads, obviously takes a toll on the number of purchases. The same survey found that 55% of people were put off of buying and only 10% actually made a purchase. 

As well as decline in Sales, Privacy becomes a big factor for potential customers. For people who are not in the Digital Marketing sector and who do not understand how this tactic is done, the whole experience of re-marketing can be very frightening.

Ensuring your ad is not viewed by the same person too frequently is key to an effective campaign. Simple tactics can be used to prevent this from happening, such as Frequency capping, using multiple ads or themes, using negative audience lists or taking control of your Ads.