Since Kingpin's launch 20 years ago, the rise of Google has arguably caused the biggest shift in Marketing spend. Google was an important part of the growth of digital advertising by both helping the internet grow but also offering targeted and measurable solutions though PPC models and beyond.

Then came facebook with 1 billion plus users, and data on all their behaviours and likes.

However Amazon (who have already changed the face of retail) have the potential to offer both the targeted promotion of products and also the platform to complete the transactions (conversions).  Ad spend directly linked to purchase in a single environment for the consumer.

While not all B2B brands can sell their solution's online, many do.  So I advise you to ensure your marketing team / agency are evaluating Amazon and the various solutions as part of the comms mix.  

We found on a recent campaign that Amazon ads delivered the most pipeline vs marketing investment, compared to Google or programmatic display.