ABM has been a buzz word in the marketing & sales world for quite a while now but who should actually pay for it?

ABM is a strategic approach to business marketing in which the organisation considers and communicates with individual prospects or customer accounts as markets of one. The ABM buzz was confirmed in 2016 with the publications of “Account-Based Marketing for Dummies”.

One of the most attractive benefit of ABM is that it's an approach that gets Sales & Marketing more aligned. Historically the two teams have always have the same overall goal – generating revenue for their organisation, but don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to the targeting and tactics to fulfil this goal. 

A properly implemented and designed ABM approach allows the two teams to look at the world in the same way - targeted an agreed set of accounts and measuring their progress through the buying cycle. Therefore sales and marketing teams come together focused around revenue and customer acquisition activities.

This does though lead to the question of whose budget should it come from? If both teams are going to be strategically working together to make sure the approach is designed & implemented correctly should this mean that they should share the cost?