I really rate CEB as an organisation. They put together some great resources and research for those of us in the B2B sales and marketing world.

This site is a  collection of resources on exactly how buyers buy and how much research they do BEFORE they contact your sales team.

That may not be news to you but it highlights to me that early on in the buying stage you need to have a consistent message. That means a range of content and very little gated data collection.

This is where you have to try all channels - out of home, programmatic, video sometimes, even good old print. 

Again, that's nothing new. But what is new is the general feeling that asking for personal data up front will reduce your chances of success.

Better  to retarget, offer more content and wait for a while. Patience, it's said, is a virtue. It's never been more true than in today's complex B2B world.