For a lot of business owners, the focus has to be on managing the bottom line and ROI, generating profit to take out of the company or reinvest. Having the time to give something back is often a luxury that many cannot afford.

But, according to the 2017 Trust Barometer from Edelman, 75 per cent of people believe a company could take part in activities that both improve economic and social conditions and still increase profits.

The benefits don’t stop there. Supporting a charity can help organisations source and retain talent. Lots of people want to volunteer to fundraise for charity but it can be difficult to find time with a busy career, or feel daunted about going at it alone. By offering employees the chance to participate in volunteering days or helping with events, businesses offer the opportunity to get involved without taking time from their busy schedules.

Also larger organisations often work in silos. Charitable projects bring teams together. This can mean extra-motivated staff that feel pride for the company they work for - which is undoubtedly good for business.

Kingpin hosts an annual charity evening for Great Ormond Street Hospital, which to date has raised £125,000. We’re proud to support this institution, it gives us the chance to help a cause important to us, and it brings our friends, partners and clients together at the same time.

But - for reasons far greater than those above - if your business hasn’t yet worked with a charity, I'd recommend you start thinking about doing so.