Over 40 per cent of UK organisations have been hit by a ransomware attack in the last 18 months. It’s becoming the most common form of cyber attack and, as demonstrated with the recent WannaCry attack on the NHS, is becoming more sophisticated.

Since WannaCry, the stocks of cybersecurity providers increased in value (unsurprisingly) but along with higher demand for these services comes a form of choice paralysis for the buyer – every IT security vendor out there is suddenly pushing an RW solution.

So how can vendors differentiate themselves enough to cut through all the noise?

One quick win is to focus on demonstrating an understanding of how to protect a business from RW attacks (the fact is organisations will be attacked, it’s just a matter of when and how).

Also, RW isn’t generally bought as a standalone solution but as part of a security suite – so ensuring your product set is robust, easy to deploy, cost effective and has RW embedded is crucial.

Tactically, examining your current search/PPC approach is important; many security vendors tend to take a broad brush-stroke view of search to cover all bases but dialling up activity around keywords and taking an agile approach will help deliver better response when buyer activity rises.

Lastly, a quick mention around programmatic ads – if you have dipped your toes into that pool, it’s worth leveraging this highly targeted way of delivering messages to the right person, right place and time.