Wowzers, there’re flamingos everywhere – not the ornamental kind – real bloody flamingos!

To add a bit of context, last Friday Kingpin were sunning ourselves in the evergreen Kensington Roof Gardens. It's a great venue for just about any event, especially for if you’re into ornithology (or just like looking at cute ducklings).

Before you ask, we hadn’t crashed a Made in Chelsea wrap party. We were attending the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards. As category finalists for two awards, we were in fine spirits.

Presenting the awards was a chap called Chris Turner who we’d never heard of but, for anyone out there who enjoys hilarious freestyle rapping, you should check him out - simply awesome!

Anyway, back to the awards themselves... we won! We picked up Multi-Channel Campaign of the Year and Marketing Agency of the Year.

Now it’s not very British to be too self-congratulatory. However, we’re tremendously proud and thankful to everyone involved. It’s fantastic recognition for all the amazing work that goes on inside Kingpin HQ.