Retargeting (also referred to as remarketing) is a marketing approach that comes from the consumer world. Amazon is a prime example - reminding us of the items we've viewed. But it has proven itself a powerful conversion driver and brand-building tactic in the B2B space, too.

Think of the benefits:

  • Spend budget on targeting only already interested contacts
  • Cost-effective display ads
  • Stay front of mind until the prospect is ready
  • Improve your search activity
  • Target messaging based on prospects' previous content consumption

So how do you get the most from retargeting?

  • Start tracking your visitors – build the cookie pool
  • Extend the pool using email address matching
  • Build your ads and landing pages for desktop and mobile
  • Create industry- / persona- / buying stage-specific messages
  • Message everything

See links below for Hubspot's guide to retargeting.