It's a relatively well-known that Germany has been at the leading edge of data protection for many years. Culturally, consumers there have been generally more reticent to share personal or financial information online (which is why ecommerce took longer to take off in Germany than other parts of Europe).

It's also manifested itself in the German (and by extension, the EU) authorities' approach to Facebook and Google. The general consensus is that there is a palpable dislike of the tech giants' ability to collect masses of personal data.  

So it shouldn't come as a surprise to see that some of Germany's biggest content providers have come together in this GDPR-imminent world to effectively ring fence their consumers via a single login point.

Putting to one side the Facebook / Google offensive, the more interesting thing here is the brands themselves - led by a major traditional publisher, the other participants are all non-competitive.

Could we see a similar approach in other markets? After all, everyone is a content provider these days and they all have the same GDPR challenge. Time will tell.