There are many different content marketing mediums available but the one that has come back into fashion in recent years is podcasts. Personally, when I think about podcasts, I think about Serial (highly recommend), not learning about business-related topics such as cybersecurity.

While reading up on this I found that LinkedIn did a survey of 2,700 members around the world and the results showed that over a third of them listen to podcasts. Their level of engagement with podcasts increases significantly with seniority: 44% of people who listen to podcasts are department heads, VP, owners and C-suiters. A podcast that provides real business value could be just the right content to engage with a senior B2B audience.

It seems this type of audience values podcasts due to the fact they can download and consume them at a time that fits into their busy lives (travelling, gym, etc). Podcasts are often broken down into a series, which make the information easy to digest whether you have 20 mins or two hours.

The production of podcasts is budget-friendly (especially compared to video content and webinars). It will often only require one or two individuals for the recording phase so can work for businesses of varying sizes. Podcasts can be educational, news-based, topical or something else altogether. The options are endless. These can be uploaded to websites, apps, social media and sent out in email marketing. These are great for educating and nurturing prospects and clients. 

One of the downfalls of podcasts is that the listener cannot interact with the presenter by asking questions or making comments as they are never live. This is why we sometimes gate the content so your sales team can always follow up with the lead.

So will you be considering podcasts in your marketing strategy, to deliver messages to senior B2B decision-makers?