For those unaware, Gartner has been producing annual 'Hype Cycles' across various vertical markets for many a moon. Each year there is a Digital Marketing version, laying out which marketing innovations and categories are likely to be the next best thing / biggest hype / about to go mainstream and so on. The 2017 vintage gives us a couple of interesting takeaways.

For instance, right now - and one could argue for some time - account-based marketing (ABM) is considered to be at the 'Peak of inflated expectations'. In other words, many marketers are betting on ABM being the saviour of their annual bonus for years to come. 

Conversely, content marketing is currently in the 'Trough of disillusionment' - Gartner's analysts obviously picking up on the feeling of wear-out in the content universe, i.e. everyone's now doing it.

Elsewhere, we have Personalisation about to reach the 'Plateau of Productivity', and Personification at the very beginning of the journey (an 'Innovation Trigger'). 

The difference? Gartner defines the latter as "the delivery of relevant digital experiences to individuals based on their inferred membership in a defined customer segment, rather than their personal identity". So that's clear then.

Of course, this is only one research body's view of our world. It's designed to stimulate debate and open up our natural desire as marketers to seek more innovative, interesting and engaging ways to connect with our audience. It's accuracy depends on your vantage point.