Last week I shared some top tips to guide you towards retargeting and the basics to get you started.

But this week I would like to take that a step further, especially for marketing professionals already running campaigns. The below article from Claudia Collu offers some great myth-busting insights.

The first point, using multiple partners, is particularly relevant for many of our EMEA clients. They often work with us on campaigns where retargeting will be a valuable element but it's already running (often via their global team or linked to Google activity). The assumption is that we shouldn't launch another retargeting programme that could compete, push up prices, confuse audiences and be seen as duplication of effort.

What’s most important here, and what advertisers usually miss, is that brands are in constant competition with each other, especially for the few precious users who are actual potential buyers. 

A greater number of retargeters can maximise reach and brand visibility in the lower part of the sales funnel, which is where brands want to be if they are in pursuit of conversions. Moreover, different partners will use different algorithms, thus providing a more varied source of data points against which to optimise ads.

Of course, I would advocate you carefully test and measure the effect of each activity, to ensure budget is being invested wisely. But please don't ASSUME you can tick off retargeting from your list because it's running with single partner.

I will comment more in coming weeks on the benefits for different partners including Google Display, AdRoll, RadiumOne, Encore and so on.