Whether it's on your commute to work or sitting in front of the telly on the weekend, you will find yourself scrolling through six or seven so-called ‘different’ social networking apps, seeing the same stories, updates and features. For each one of those apps you will also have a separate login and yet they all pretty much do the same thing. So why not make it easier for us and just have one app that does it all?

When Snapchat or Instagram first came to the surface, they were different! Snapchat (originally named Picaboo) was simply an ephemeral photo messaging site. You could send someone a picture with one line of words and it would disappear 10 seconds later. Now you can send instant messages, video chat, show your location, post updates, add filters, create group chats and do so much more.

That sounds awfully similar to Facebook. And Instagram. Oh - and Twitter.

Although it seems pointless, there is a reason that people such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are doing this. It's bringing services that work really well in one area and applying them to others. And that, in turn, makes a hell of a lot of money.

And yet no matter how unnecessary all these apps seem… we all still use them.