No, I'm not talking about The Beatles hit back in 1966 (yes, that was before my time). I'm talking about your B2B target audience and where you can engage with them in today's environment. On that note i'd just like to say 1966 - a fabulous year for us on the football field!

There are a number of routes that we go down as marketers in order to reach our target audience and, while I'm not disregarding traditional media buys across proven publications, the world has become smarter. We recently ran an ABM digital display campaign for one of our clients with the goal to drive registrations for an event later this month. 

Using both target accounts and 'smarter' targeting to target just those companies we wanted to engage with and not the spray and pray approach (which can often be seen across some campaigns) we were able to positively influence the activity, driving 46 per cent of the registrations either directly or attributed towards our activity. 

This article from Erik Matlick, founder and CEO of Bombora, gives a good insight into the world of data and how effective it can be to understand your audience across both B2B and B2C industries.