Technology is changing every aspect of life, including travel, health and leisure time. It is no different when is comes to work.  

Spending every day, as I do, helping technology businesses connect with their potential buyers gives me a brilliant opportunity to see both our clients' great technologies (those that offer security, collaboration, insightful data and more) and marketing vendors such as Unruly, DemandBase, Ogury (whose solutions exist today due to tech advances).

In her article for Campaign, Sarah (in my view) correctly states it's the role of agencies to look ahead and prepare for what's next.

However, I believe a fundamental part of our job is to demystify the wide range of new (and shiny) solutions, and cut through hype. We need to educate ourselves on what is new and next but also question the suitability and the end benefits for our clients. That way we do what we've always done - add value and reduce wastage.

More reading about machine learning predictive analytics for me tonight :) .