Following on from my last post on podcasts, I came across a brilliant podcast channel - Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast Articles. I highly recommend these.

Since launching back in May 2015, this channel has had over 55,000 downloads globally. According to Digiday, monthly podcast listening experienced a small uptake in 2017, rising from 21 per cent in 2016 to 24 per cent this year.

This shows that the popularity of podcasts has definitely grown in the last few years. Check out the infographic here.

Research released by Bridge Ratings Media also shows that new listeners are highly likely to become regular listeners. They found that over a year, light podcast listeners (those who listen to about one show per week) are more likely to increase their consumption than they are to drop off or even remain the same.

I'm not saying this should be your only tactic but it should go into the mix (or at least be considered) when you're planning your next campaign.