The article below is interesting to me because it follows the commentary I put into an earlier blog entitled 'Targeting the company AND the individual'.

Back to the text in hand, as ever the theme is that content is key. What's more, it looks like our peer group agrees, as 92% of them state that it is a valuable business asset. The flip side is that only 46% of them have a documented strategy for managing content.

I think this demonstrates that maybe people are beginning to over think content strategy and struggle with analysis paralysis. Thus getting nowhere. Fast.

Maybe now is the time to simplify it by taking it back to a series of micro decisions. Think about some of the content that you need to support those decisions and then deploy. 

This may mean you don't have every question answered but you will have a response for most of them. This puts you in the 'always-on' bracket, which could also be called the 'most likely to succeed' bracket...