Most marketers are striving to produce and distribute the right types of content to potential buyers. However, we've seen many unsure which pieces of content will work best and how to distribute them.

The Demand Gen 2016 survey asked B2B buyers for their recommendations for improving content.

The top answers were:

  1. Add more insight from industry thought-leaders / analysts
  2. Provide more benchmarking data
  3. Make content easier to access (short registration forms)
  4. Use more data and research to support content

I think the message is clear: prospects want facts and independent opinion rather than product marketing / sales lead information.

If you are not using research and third parties in your content strategy, I would suggest it’s time to think again. But don’t worry. This doesn't mean you have to spend a large sum of money with leading analyst firms. There are many routes to consider.

Happy to share examples.