Dark Social has become another a key term for marketers to understand. It means sharing that isn't done publicly - and that's a high proportion of sharing. 

This leads to a huge amount of site traffic arriving in this way but it's typically marked as direct traffic in web analytics tools. 

Dark Social can be when someone shares a link via a one-to-one channel, for example through private messaging such as WhatsApp, Snapchat or through email or SMS. I am sure we can all think of examples when we have sent and received URLs with friends or colleagues.

As marketers we should not ignore Dark Social. It has a huge impact on traffic and what can be measured. If measured correctly, it can give you a detailed representation of your prospects' real interests. 

Also in certain industries, it is sometimes the only way people will share content. According to research conducted by RadiumOne, more than 70% of social sharing is done through Dark Social in the finance, food & drink and travel industries. 

How do you think measuring Dark Social would improve your campaigns?