Yes, more research :)  - this time focused on B2B lead generation, looking at results from 1,000 companies and including analysis comparing 'leaders' to the 'mainstream'.

My highlights:

- Leaders are 3x more likely to nurture and scores leads, passing only those that qualify to the sales team.

- Leaders are >2x more likely to have data checking and validation in place

- Leaders are >2x more likely to have a clear online lead gen strategy that fits into an overall framework

- Leaders are >2x more likely to produce content aligned to different peronsas and buying stages

I believe most markets are striving for all of these but internal challenges and resource constraints may be preventing them from happening. 

We have invested in creating our own tech platform to support content consumption trends, data validation and lead / account scoring, so our clients can now benefit from this with no expense or resource requirements.

Our focus on being partners will ensure we continue to work closely with our clients to help create the best frameworks that consider the full marketing mix.

Therefore, I feel our clients are already leaders or, if not, striving to be there.