Chief Marketer has recently released research on B2B lead generation. This contains some surprises, after you get past email being ranked as the top channel to deliver leads against.

The first one: In-person meetings are the most valuable tactic for lead nurture. Followed by email and content.  We know from the work we do on face-to-face events that in our digitally-led society prospects value real conversation and networking.

Then: Articles and blogs are the most effective for moving prospects through the funnel. We typically see this used more at the early stages of engagement but it’s great that there is more value being seen in content that is not product- or sales-led. 

The most interesting piece to me, however, is: The percentage using ABM tactics has dropped 43 per cent, down to 38 per cent. Is this due to the fact that people are getting past the ABM hype of the last two to three years?

Finally, I did like this quotation from a fellow agency professional: “We always say that content that sells doesn’t sell, and content that doesn’t sell, sells,” said Adryanna Sutherland, COO at gyro.