Kingpin achieved a unique distinction in this year's League Tables as the first (and only) agency to be named in the top five of the fastest-growing B2B agencies on both sides of the Atlantic.

So what's at the foundation of this rapid success?

B2B Marketing spoke to Kingpin's US EVP Paul O'Malley to find out.

"It's our determination to prove our concept, experience and willingness to look beyond the marketing budgets and to the things that really matter for our clients - the results." 

"Our mantra has always revolved around being trustworthy partners for our clients. It's also been important to us that they know we are not in this to make a quick buck. That has been reflected in a lot of growth we have seen."

Among other tactics, targeted programmatic and account-based marketing (ABM) in combination with in-house analytics have proved rewarding.

"We've seen great success with some of our clients in driving meaningful audiences through a manner of digital tactics and seeing strong results" Paul adds. 

"For example, we have been driving activity for one of our clients for more than six months. They're seeing approximately 40% of trial sign-ups go on to download their product."

This focus on client KPIs also underpins Kingpin's approach to the latest industry trends, with excitement around the potential for programmatic in B2B.

And with two new clients already on board for 2018, along with expansion for the San Francisco office and opening a new location in the US, Kingpin are aiming to capitalize on their growth.

"Nothing stands still in marketing so we will continue to improve our demand gen (including ABM), SEM and social capabilities to ensure that we're staying on top of technological advancements and making some of our own." says O'Malley.