How are B2B marketers using social media? 

Social media might not be a new platform for B2B marketers, but the evolving nature of these channels provides new ways of engaging potential leads. But which social media platforms are B2B marketers using?

Facebook becomes leading social media platform for B2B marketers

Not only are more B2B marketers now using Facebook than LinkedIn (89% compared to 81%), but Zuckerberg’s social media site has also surpassed the professional networking site to become the top platform for B2B marketers. 

According to a new infographic from Grazitti Interactive, 43% of B2B marketers view Facebook as the top platform, up from 37%, while LinkedIn dropped from 40% to 37%.

And B2B brands are investing more in paid Facebook ads than LinkedIn ads, with 87% paying for Facebook social ads and just 29% paying for LinkedIn ads.

Other social media sites used by B2B businesses include Twitter (75%), YouTube (45%), Instagram (43%) and Pinterest (26%). 

Technical content preferred by millennial buyers

Millennials are becoming increasingly involved in the buying process, but are you providing them with the desired content?

SDL’s ‘Making your Content Connect with the Next Generation’ report found that 41% of millennials search for online tutorials and 33% look for technical Q&A manuals online prior to making their buying decision. Almost a third (29%) research the size, activeness and popularity of user communities before completing their purchase.

And it seems such content heavily impacts their decision, with nearly three quarters (72%) stating that product information influences their view, while 71% are more likely to recommend a brand if they can access a good amount of helpful information.

Speaking to B2B Marketing, director of product marketing at SDL, Arjen van den Akker, commented: “Millennials grew up on digital, and are accustomed to having instant access to any information they want.

“This means brands need to offer easy-to-access, high-quality technical content in multiple languages, optimised for search, and delivered across multiple formats.”

B2B buyers seek peer reviews over buzzwords

Discussing TrustRadius’ 2018 B2B Buying Disconnect report, BizReport notes that buyers are seeking the truth of how a product actually works and aren’t interested in buzzwords. 

This was highlighted in the research with the overwhelming majority of buyers indicating they are more likely to believe anonymous peer reviews on reviewer sites.

While most buyers would willingly share feedback and experiences, less than a quarter (22%) have done so because vendors have not asked them for reviews. 

Vice president of technology at Guardian Credit Union, Scott Rosen, told BizReport: “The way we can now communicate via the internet, sharing our thoughts and experiences without a filter, has a big impact on the buying process.” 

What sets top performing sales prospects apart?

Sales prospecting plays a vital part in growing a business, but what works in today’s buying world?

A new infographic from RAIN Group investigated what top performers are doing in this area. As MarketingProfs discusses, it takes an average of five touches for top performers to generate a meeting or other conversion, compared to eight touches for the rest.

Top performers were found to generate 2.7x more conversions than the rest. It’s not surprising, then, that the overwhelming majority (87%) met or exceeded their sales goal last year, compared to 56% of the rest, and 100% of top performers feel they achieve high-quality outcomes, compared to 55% of the rest. 

Content that influences buyers to accept a meeting or another type of connection includes primary research data relevant to their business (69%), descriptions of the provider’s capabilities (67%), and content 100% customised to their specific situation (67%).