I feel pretty terrible snipping just one insight from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Presentation (her yearly presentation is one of the Industry's most diligently sourced and analysed overviews of trends in technology); but one particular point I would like to focus on is the disconnect between smartphone internet usage and mobile marketing spend. 

It shouldn’t be overlooked that despite mobile usage accounting for a considerable portion of the increase in average time spent on digital media, mobile marketing spend is lagging (29% of time spent on mobile, vs 26% of ad dollars – a $7 billion gap!). This is alongside a continual ramping in the ease of mobile purchases, which makes me wonder if we’re missing a trick.

I’d say the trepidation towards mobile is nothing new; the fact that it’s still seen as more of a playground for B2C than B2B, alongside fears over brand safety (which still seems lacklustre compared to efforts on desktop), engagement validity (aka the “strong CTRs or fat thumbs” dilemma) and transparency have led to a certain level of apathy in my experience of the B2B market.

Stats like these should be a wakeup call though – mobile providers are offering increasingly bespoke and B2B-oriented approaches that cater for a more exclusive audience with a more strategic approach and highly viewable, but unobtrusive, formats that we need to start taking advantage of; especially if trends like Mary’s show no signs of abating.