When was the last time you carried out research? Not just basic competitor research, or a small client satisfaction survey, but genuine, in-depth research that changes the way you think about your content output and sales and marketing efforts?

B2B marketers using original research to create content

A new report from Mantis Research and BuzzSumo has found that B2B marketers are using original research to help create content. In fact, half of marketers in the B2B sphere have done so, compared to just 35% of their B2C counterparts, MarketingProfs reported. 

Survey-based research is the most popular type of original research being conducted, cited by nearly six in 10 (58%). This was followed by analysing owned data, such as user data (54%), and analysing data from third party sources, such as Google Analytics (42%). 

So, what content are they creating from this research? Blog posts are steaming ahead of the pack, with more than three quarters (77%) producing blogs based on the research results. Other popular content includes infographics (55%), a PDF of the results (54%), social sharing assets (48%), and static charts (46%).



B2B marketers double video marketing efforts

You can’t move in the marketing world without being bombarded with how incredible video is. And it seems B2B marketers are starting to realise video’s power as Vidyard’s 2018 Video in Business Benchmark report found that video usage in sales conversations grew from 25% to 37% in the last year. 

Additional findings discussed by Demand Gen Report show:

  • Businesses are publishing an average of 33 videos per month, nearly double the previous year’s rate.
  • The most popular video types are product videos, demos, and explainer videos.
  • 75% of all videos published in the last 12 months are under two minutes long.
  • 89% of video views are on desktop, compared to 11% on mobile devices.



LinkedIn introduces carousel ads

When you’re not hearing about how great video is, you’re probably being told to humanise your B2B brand. Of course, there is a reason why these two topics are being talked about time and time again - they work and it’s what buyers want and expect from companies.

In order to help “humanise your B2B marketing efforts and foster a deeper connection with your audience”, LinkedIn has introduced carousel ads. Due to their interactivity and customisation capabilities, the networking site believes these ads will enable businesses to grab their target audience’s attention and provide a way to tell a deeper brand story. 



Marketers lack confidence in email automation

Email automation doesn’t just save time, the tools also enable marketers to send greater personalised and relevant content. 

Despite what your grandparents might think, artificial intelligence is no longer just a creepy feature in the sci-fi films. While AI is already delivering email automation, it seems that email marketers aren’t confident with the tech as a GetResponse survey found that just 5% describe themselves as automation experts. Almost a third (29%) feel their expertise level is basic, 28% see it as intermediate and 26% as beginner.

Even more worryingly, a fifth (20%) of respondents admitted they don’t use marketing automation at all and over half (53%) fail to segment their email list and simply send the same message to everyone on their mailing list.