This time two weeks ago (Tuesday 10th July) B2B Marketing hosted B2B Ignite 2018, a fantastic event at the Business Design Centre, London, bringing together the best B2B marketing minds for a day of talks, content streams, and discussions - including from our very own James Foulkes


Following an highly insightful opening keynote from Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland, here’s a roundup of some of our favourite speeches from the day…

James Foulkes (Kingpin) on how well you really know your customers

We have entered the customer era, with brands pushing customer-first approaches, but how well do you know your customers? Do you really know what they want from their brand interactions and buying experiences? 

As Kingpin’s director and co-founder James Foulkes discussed, marketers are working in an increasingly complex world, with an abundance of martech tools, huge amounts of data, GDPR, bigger buying groups, and more! But marketers only really need to focus on one thing - their audience. 

A staggering 79% of tech decision-makers find it difficult to find high-quality and trusted information when trying to make an informed purchase decision. You need to be creating and sharing content that resonates with numerous stakeholders and across multiple locations to reach the growing number of B2B buyers involved in decision making. And don’t dismiss video in your content strategy!

Combine this with a smart attribution model and an honest and interactive sales and marketing team, and you’re bound for marketing success! 

>> View James's presentation


Scott Allen (Microsoft) on digital transformation and modern marketing

Microsoft is certainly no stranger to digitalisation but have B2B marketers become too focused on their transformation efforts? This is exactly what Microsoft’s CMO, Scott Allen, discussed in his speech

With more people now owning a mobile phone than a toothbrush, Allen described how Microsoft set their digital transformation around their customers to ensure that they didn’t ignore the most important part of their business and to give Microsoft’s digitalisation efforts a real base to work. 

To survive and thrive in today’s digital world, modern marketers need to become part scientists and part creative and see the challenge as a team sport - a single marketer working on their own, isolated from other departments, will not succeed. 

“At Microsoft, we’re focused on what matters. And what matters is people. To us, technology is a facilitator, an expeditor, and enabler. Technology isn’t life, but it is life changing.”

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Mika Yamamoto on technology and the customer experience

Digital transformation isn’t just about having the newest innovations. SAP’s chief digital marketing officer, Mika Yamamoto, believes the most important application of new tech is using it to enhance the customer experience. 

Those businesses that understand how to use emerging tech to provide customers with personalised and engaging customer experiences will succeed. AI and machine learning are at the heart of the new customer experience battleground, providing marketers with more opportunities to engage and, ultimately, delight buyers. 

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Tom Elgar on harnessing your expertise to boost ABM

ABM continues to be a huge focus for B2B marketers and everyone is looking for the secret ingredient to ABM success, but it might be a lot closer than you think! Passle’s co-founder, Tom Elgar, highlighted the fact that the only expertise that can be harnessed to boost your ABM strategy, is yours. 

Decision-makers are seeking authentic experiences and trusted content that can help inform their decisions. Capitalise on the knowledge you have within your own organisation to position yourself as a trusted market leader and funnel this to create an authentic, original and valuable ABM strategy. After all, who knows your business more than you do? 

>> View Tom's presentation


We’re already looking forward to next year!